TZW 803

TZW803 is a 8×1 switcher for VGA/XGA graphic signals with combined stereo audio.

  • 300 MHz bandwidth
  • Amplified output for 20 mt SVGA cable
  • Inside power supply
  • Dry contacts control
  • RS 232 control
  • Infrared remote control
  • Autoswitching, autosequencing and mute
  • Cascade capability

PC software


Inputs 8, analog 700 mVpp with HDD 15 p. f.
Coupling DC
Crosstalk (worst case) 50 dB at 40 MHz
Output 1, precompensed with HDD 15 p. f.
Synchronism H+V separated, TTL level, high Z
Other signal ST, TTL level, high Z
SDA, SCL, TTL level, high Z bidirectional


Input coupling AC, unbalanced
Input impedance 47 Kohm
Input level +11 bD max
GainĀ  -0.5 dB
Frequency response -1db from 40 Hz to 20 KHz
Crosstalk 60 dB at 5 KHz
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