TZVA 05 and TZVA 10 are two mechanical video and audio switchers with 5 and 10 inputs. Reliable and versatile they are suited for professional and multimedia use

  • 300 MHz bandwidth
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Remote selection by dry contacts
  • Remote selection by RS 232
  • Autosequencing and mute functions
Video inputs 5 with BNC 75 ohm terminated for TZVA05
10  with BNC 75 ohm terminated for TZVA10
Video output 1 with BNC
Switching mode dry contact, break-before-make
Audio input/output stereo with RCA sockets


Main input (with AC adapter (ADM 001) 230 Vac 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 VA
Size (WxDxH) 220 x 105 x 120 mm
Weight 1 Kg
Operating temper. range 0 – 45 °C
Safety according to EN60065
EMC according to EN55103-1 and EN55103-2


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