SAVIS 180 is a member of the SAVIS family. It’s a selector for Y/C or composite and stereo audio signals with 8 inputs and one twin output. Selection is made by integrated keyboard or by remote with 8 contacts N. O.

  • Local or remote input selection.
  • Eight inputs Y/C or CVBS plus audio stereo.
  • Twin output.
  • Mini-DIN connectors for Y/C signals.
  • BNC connectors for composite signals.
  • RCA connectors for audio signals.
  • Vertical interval switching.
  • Sub-D 9 pins female for remote selection.
  • Contacts N.O. or O.C. 4 mA 12 Vcc for remote selection

Inputs 8, Y/C or composite, 75 ohm terminated
Inputs coupling AC
Y or composite level 1 Vpp nom.
C level 1 Vpp nom.
Input return loss >35 dB at 5 MHz
Output twin, Y/C or composite
Y or composite bandwidth -0.1 dB from 10 Hz to 7 MHz
-3 dB at 17 MHz
Crosstalk between C and Y or composite 40 dB at 4.43 MHz
Hum & Noise -90 dBm unweighted

Inputs 8, single ended, stereo
Input levels +12 dBm max
Input impedance 15 Kohm
Frequency response -1dB from 20 Hz to 240 KHz
Harmonic distorsion
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