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This CSLUX-300 Multi-Format to HDMI Scaler is an advanced HDMI, PC, Composite, S-Video and Component switcher/scaler.

This device can scale and switch input sources and display them to its HDMI and VGA/HD outputs simultaneously, with their associated audio signals, at a wide range of output resolutions – up to 1080p or WUXGA (RB).

Control is done via IR remote, or via front panel buttons and includes an on-screen menu providing settings and system informations.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications CSLUX-300
Input Ports 2x HDMI
1x VGA
1x Composite Video
1x S-Video
1x Component Video
3x Analog Stereo (L/R)
1x Optical
1x 3.5 mm Mini-jack
1x RS-232
1x USB (Service Only)
1x 3.5 mm Mini-jack (Service Only)
Output Ports 1x HDMI
1x VGA
1x Optical
1x 3.5 mm Mini-jack
Input Resolutions Support Up to 1080p & UXGA
Output Resolutions Support Up to 1080p & WUXGA (RB)
Power Supply 5 V/3 A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
Dimensions 320x182x44 mm (H)
Weight 1,600 g
Chassis Material Metal
Color Black
Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C /32°F~104°F
Storage Temperature -20°C~60°C /-4°F~140°F
Relative Humidity 20~90% RH (non-condensing)
Power Consumption 10.5 W

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  • Supports N°2 HDMI, CV, Y/C, COMP and PC inputs
  • Supports analog stereo, optical and coaxial digital inputs and optical digital output, analog stereo output or embedding to HDMI output
  • Supports conversion of multiple video formats and audio input to HDMI, PC/HD, L/R and optical Audio outputs
  • Supports EDID and HDCP
  • Supports 3D de-interlacing, noise reduction and 3D comb filter
  • Supports vertical frame rate conversion
  • Command via RS-232, front panel and IR remote control

User instruction manual for CSLUX-300


CE Conformity document for CSLUX-300
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CSLUX-300.


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