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CDPW-K1S is a Wall-Plate Keypad that acts as Control for presentation system.

With 9 direct macro command buttons and an extra of 9 macro commands in WebGUI control, it allows up to 18 macro commands to be executed pushing one of the 9 buttons. A total of 128 commands are permitted.

Soft and colorful LED design, red and blue, whose intensity can be dimmered by software, fits all environment purposes. PoE (Power over Ethernet) function eases power supply issues without extra DC power burden.

Furthermore, the relais output design and scheduling function control settings can trigger the master switch or any main switch of the installation environment.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications CDPW-K1S
Input Ports 9x Button
1x IP Control (RJ45)
Output Ports 1x Relay (Terminal Block)
Power Supply 5VDC/2.6A (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/ UL certified)
ESD Protection Human body model:
±8 kV (air-gap discharge)
±4 kV (contact discharge)
Dimensions 87 x 87 x 31mm(H) /Jacks Excluded
87 x 87 x 34mm(H) /Jacks Included
Weight 184 g
Chassis Material Metal
Color White
Operating Temperature 0° C~40° C/32° F~104° F
Storage Temperature -20° C~60° C/-4° F~140° F
Relative Humidity 20~90% RH (non-condensing)
Power Consumption 3.9 W

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  • 9 macro buttons and extra 9 macro in WebGUI with up to 128 commands to implant for control system
  • Supports N°1 Relays to control on/off of other devices
  • Supports Scheduling control system and settings
  • Supports scheduling memory over power blackout up to 48hrs
  • Supports Key Pad, Telnet and WebGUI controls
  • Supports PoE function or DC power supply selection

User instruction manual for CDPW-K1S
728 Cypress_CDPW-K1S_User_Manual.pdf


CE Conformity document for CDPW-K1S
CE Conformity

Available Software:

Browser for LAN Modules

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CDPW-K1S.


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