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CDPH-1P is a format converter from DP to HDMI.

More and more devices are deploying the DisplayPort (DP) interface instead of HDMI onto their graphics solution these days.

When users wish to display on a large screen like HDTV or with an even more advanced monitor, he would need a device that can connect his DP source to his HDMI output display.

Our latest “DP to HDMI mini converter adaptor” provides a quick and handy solution for this need.

This adaptor is not only compliant with HDMI 1.3 specifications but it also has a remarkable frequency rate that can reach up to 2.7Gbps per lane.

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  • Converts low-swing alternative current (AC) in to HDMI.
  • HDMI V1.3 and DVI 1.0 compliant.
  • HDMI level shifting operating up to 2.7 Gbps.
  • Plugs and runs without any software application.

Brochure / leaflet for CDPH-1P:


User instruction manual for CDPH-1P


CE Conformity document for CDPH-1P
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CDPH-1P.


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