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The TZ32V unit is an extremely flexible 32×32 video matrix, programmable directly from the customer.

It is programmable as a matrix in the configurations: CVBS (32×32), Y/C (16×16), YCbCr (10×10), RGBS (8×8).

The TZ32V could be uniform in two lists separate matrices: 2xCVBS (16×16) or 1xCVBS (16×16) + 1xY/C (8×8) or 1xYCbCr (5×5) + 1xY/C (8×8) etc.

It can work in single mode or as a master when connected to the TZ32A audio matrix.

The TZ32V can be commanded through the integrated keyboardoard, from computer with RS232 or RS485 interface and IR control.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications TZ32V
Input type AC coupled
Input return loss >40 dB at 5 MHz
Output return loss >40 dB at 5 MHz
Frequency response -0.1 dB at 10 MHz;
-1 dB at 60 MHz;
-3 dB at 170 MHz
-3 dB One All, worst case, 150 MHz
Differential gain ±0.3%
Differential phase ±0.2°
Crosstalk (worst case) better than 40 dB at 5 MHz
Hum & Noise -80 dB unweighted
Remote control IR, RS232, RS485 linkable with TZ32A
Mains input 230 VAC / 115 VAC (selectable)
Power consumption 10 VA
Size (WxDxH) 483x130x176 mm
Weight 6 kg
Operating temperature range 0÷45°C
Safety according to EN60065
EMC according to EN55103-1 and-2

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  • Video inputs wth BNC in loop
  • Video only, Audio only, AFV (if connected to TZ32A)
  • Switching in the frame interval
  • Keypad programmable preview output
  • CV or Y/C or Y Cb Cr or RGBS
  • 12 presets can be recalled
  • Mapping capability
  • IR remote control (optional)

Brochure / leaflet for TZ32V:


User Instruction Manual for Elpro TZ32V


CE Conformity document for TZ32V
CE Conformity


How to control TZ32 by CNS1000


Control Software for TZ32V and TZ32A

Available Software:

Software to upload firmware into Elpro units


Firmware updating of the Elpro devices is possible using the specific utility UPLOADER.

This software should be downloaded and installed on a PC in a Windows environment.

To perform the updating of the firmware it is necessary to connect the device to the PC serial line and therefore to perform the action (typical for every device) to put the device in UPGRADE MODE.

Then load the .hex file of the new firmware version and start uploading to the device.

At the conclusion of the updating it is necessary to turn OFF and ON again the device.

How to set the TZ32V

Turn the TZ32V ON holding the key 3 pressed.

The UPGRADE MODE is signaled by message “ELPRO VIDEO LABS — Update Firmware”.

Notes: Memorization on non-volatile memory of the Video connections.

Current release: 1.3

MD5: A0C83889652E6B1E2D52D3E23FCC92C6


High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of TZ32V.


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