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DCT-6S is an analog audio volume leveler.

The SRS TruVolumeā„¢ accessory Box regulates TV-channel volume to the most comfortable listening level.

Preventing disturbing fluctuations while you channel surf, as well as keep under control those obnoxious commercials.

When the volume is set to a lower level, you could still hear every detailed sound.

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  • Simple Operation “ON/OFF”.
  • Simple connection for easy installation (Stereo analog in/out, Power).
  • Supports Line Level inputs up to 2Vrms and Line Level Outputs up to 1Vrms, via stereo RCA jacks.
  • Regulates TV/Satellite/Radio broadcast volume levels, so you don’t have to adjust it constantly when you change channels.
  • Helps the hearing impaired by keeping channels at a consistent volume level so the audiences can hear everything clearly while not disturb the others in the room.
  • Boosts low and high-frequency content dynamically (20-bands/ch), using an advanced psychoacoustic modeling engine.

Brochure / leaflet for DCT-6S:


User instruction manual for DCT-6S


CE Conformity document for DCT-6S
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of DCT-6S.


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