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HS04M-2 is a 4×4 HDMI Matrix Switcher that allows to route 4 HDMI sources to any 4 HDMI displays. It provides 3D support and 1080P.

The HS04M-2 can be controlled through GUI Ethernet, IR remote control, RS-232 and by the front panel. An Android application is provided as well.

It is housed in 19″ 1RU rack for professional installations.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications HS04M-2
HDMI Resolution 1080p 60Hz 12bit, 3D
Video Input Interface HDMI Type A x4
Video Output Interface HDMI Type A x4
RS-232 Input/Output Interface DB9 x1 (CONSOLE)
HE04M IR Receive Angle ±45°
HE04M IR Receive Distance 5m
Power Adapter DC 12V 4.2A
Power Consumption 2A
Operation Temperature 0 to 55°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 85°C
Humidity up to 95%
Dimensions 483 x197 x 44 mm (H)
Weight 2.4 kg

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