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CP-283HD is an HDMI to component (YCbCr/YPbPr) Converter with audio output.

It allows you to switch between 2 HDMI sources and convert it to component and analog audio (L/R) or digital audio (Co-axial) output at the same time.

It supports high definition up to 1080p, and output resolution follows input. The output rate is the same of the incoming input.

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  • Compliant with HDMI 1.2, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0 specifications.
  • Supports a wide range of resolutions: 480i/480p/576i/57 6p/720p/1080i/1080p@60Hz.
  • Supports digital audio input through coax cable, or analog audio input through L/R audio cable.
  • IR remote control.
  • HDCP not managed. When input is HDCP encrypted (protected) the component out will be turned off.

Brochure / leaflet for CP-283HD:
Elpro_Cypress_08_Signal Format Converters.pdf


User Manual for Cypress CP-283HD


CE Conformity document for CP-283HD
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CP-283HD.


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