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CV, Component and HDMI digital A/V mixer.

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  • Selective size and position for digital effects area and PIP windows.
  • Automatic fade and wipe with speed preset control.
  • Digital effects: Still, Mosaic, Paint, Negative.
  • 96 wipe patterns.
  • Chroma key and Luminance Key.
  • 3×8 Bar colour.
  • Joystick control for digital effect position.
  • Fade control for Video and Audio.
  • Video and Audio mixing.
  • Two HDMI source inputs.
  • Two Component source inputs.
  • Two CV or Y/C source inputs.
  • One HDMI recording output.
  • Two Component recording outputs.
  • One CV and Y/C outputs.
  • One CV and Y/C preview outputs.
  • Auxiliary Audio input.
  • Microphone input and headphone outputs.
  • PIP control (3 windows size).

Brochure / leaflet for CMX-12:


User instruction manual for CMX-12


CE Conformity document for CMX-12
CE Conformity

High Resolution Images

Download here the available Hi-Res images of CMX-12.


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