ElPro VideoLabs | Discontinued Products

Production of the following products have been discontinued by Elpro Videolabs but, in our best tradition, we are committed to offer all the possible support to our faithful customers.

As these products are reliable and long lasting we want you to get the maximum out of their use.

In case you may need more info than can be found on the website, please contact our office.


INBOX-2 SMART is a high quality graphic splitter with the feature of very compact size.

elpro_inbox-2_smart_1s-7047602 top_logo_elp-6202790


Multiformat Presentation Switcher

The TZ333 unit is a multiformat switcher designed for the presentations environment.

elpro_tz333_1s-6836332 top_logo_elp-6202790


Max Switcher/High Resolution Scaler & Room Control

TZL400 units converts a video signal into a high resolution RGBHV signal.

elpro_tzl400_1s-3523850 top_logo_elp-6202790


Switcher/High Resolution Scaler

The MDL100 converts the standard TV signal into a high resolution RGBHsVs graphic signal.


MDS100 is a unit that contains two separated format converter: it may transform the standard TV signal into a graphic SVGA signal, while a SVGA signal, up to 1024×768, may be converted in a standard TV signal.

elpro_mds100_1s-9857681 top_logo_elp-6202790


8×8 Video and Dual Audio AFV matrix

SAVIS 208 is a 8×8 video and stereo audio AFV matrix.

elpro_savis208_1s-8847713 top_logo_elp-6202790


8×8 VGA/XGA & Audio Matrix

The TZM883 unit is an 8X8 matrix for VGA/XGA signals with associated stereo audio.


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