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The Accessories family includes an IR receiver and emitter that may be connected to transceivers which carry the IR signal to the remote controls.

Typically the IR receiver is connected to the CAT5 receiver which provides the destination signal, while the IR emitter is connected to the transmitter, usually close to the source at which the IR emitter will be oriented. In this way the user, placed close to the destination, will be able to send commands to the source with the IR remote control through the CAT5 cable.

A CAT5 receiver is included in the accessories that may be mounted after the Smartnet-V matrix which have CAT5 output and CV, Audio & IR input.

SM-EYE is an IR receiver provided of a 1.8m cable ending with a 3.5mm jack.


SM-LED is an IR emitter led provided of a 1.8m cable ending with a 3.5mm jack.


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