ElPro Audio Video DVI HDMI HDTV Distributors, Switchers, Signal Converters

Elpro distributes for the Broadcast environment a line of Plug-in to be inserted in the DVR-MVRK rack.

Each Plug-in is equipped with a removable back which connects with the outside world.

Each Plug-in receives its power supply 230 VAC directly from the rack by means of a distribution bar.

Video & Audio Distributors, Generators, Changeover, analog to digital (and back) SD-SDI Converters form a quite extensive product line which allows the setting of a standard broadcast studio.


The Distributor is a device which receives a video or audio signal and distributes it over multiple destinations.

The Distributor is necessary to maintain, especially in the case of video signals, the characteristic impedances of those signals. It is widely known, in fact, that video signals work on the basis of 75 ohm.

Often the Distributor is also used to compensate signal loss due to the length of the input cable. In this case, to achieve the best result, the Distributor is placed at the end of the cable we need to compensate.


The Switcher is a device which commutes on its output one of the signals coming from the inputs.

If the Switcher has more than one output we have a Matrix Switcher. The Matrix Switcher can channel each input to each output. An input may be channeled on all the outputs, working in this case as a distributor would.

Matrix Switchers are usually square, which means that the output number equals the inputs number.

Switchers operate on video, audio and graphic signals.

Main characteristic of Switchers is the passband, which must be wide enough so as not to attenuate the passing signals. This characteristic is especially required by Switchers which deal with HiRes signals.


Scan Converters and Scalers are devices which change the format the signal is represented with.

In detail, the Scan Converters convert a PC signal in a TV signal, or a Composit or Component one.

The Scaler works the opposite way, meaning it converts a Composit or Component signal into a HiRes RGBHV or Y, Pb, Pr one.

Quality in this kind of devices is measured by their ability to make conversions without adding artifacts to the processed signal.


Converters are devices which convert a signal while leaving unchanged the timebase of the signal itself.

Typical situation of the SD-SDI to analogic conversion which converts a digital signal from 270 Mbit/sec to Pal.

Generators are devices which generate standard signals used to test video equipments or monitors. In the TV field the Black Burst generators generate this signal to allow synchronization of all units.

The Twisted Pairs units are a coupled product (receiver + transmitter) fit to send video, audio and graphic signals on a CAT5 cable.

The transmitter adapts the video and audio signals at its input, so as to allow broadcasting it through the Twisted Pairs of the CAT5 cable.

The receiver carries on the reverse process.

Twisted Pairs are used where it may be too costly or too cumbersome the use of regular video and audio cables.

07 – DVI

DVI products allow digital signal’s distribution and switching straight from the source to destinations.

Signals may be of the TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling) type and are shared also by the standard HDMI.

As a standard the DVI-I transmits on the usual DVI connector both digital and RGBHV signals and the DVI-D can transmit only digital ones.


Elpro designs a line of products which can be used to carry on realizations through commands sent via RS232 or LAN.

Contact closing, giving power to a Shuko outlet or monitoring a remote event are all typical applications of the LAN Interface.

Moreover, a simple RS232 to LAN interface is available to allow control of all Elpro devices with an RS232 interface.


Elpro Wall Plates are passive modules that permit to interface video, audio and data devices with the fixed wiring of the plants providing for a valid technical and aesthetical solution.

Modules are mountable on three types of frame for 3, 4 e 5 slots.

The frames are adaptable to the electrical European standard boxes that can be mounted on wall, table or floor (see WP0xx codes).

It´s possible as well to install the Wall Plates in a 6 positions 19″ frame, code WP070.

The cables Shelters WP080 and WP090 are suited for table or podium installation only.


Patch panels are passive units which allow transit of video, audio or control signals.

They are used on the signal input to section or as an interface among fixed cabling of an editing room and the non-fixed wiring to be made with fast connectors.


Elpro supplies an extensive line of accessories to work with its products, among which are IR remote controls and VGA, DVI and HDMI cables.


This product has been discontinued because has been substituted by another.

Nevertheless, Elpro will carry on its full support commitment.

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