To meet most duplication center demands relating to control the audio and video presence on recorded tapes, ELPRO Video Labs has developed COBOX 101

  • 50 Input audio/video
  • Out monitor audio/video
  • Remote control
  • Automatic or manual Cycle

Input impedance 75 ohm
Sensitivity 11 continuous intervals
Output monitor 75 ohm, source terminated


Input impedance > 10 Kohm
Input sensitivity -20 dBm
Output monitor direct from input or 600 ohm source terminated

Alarm signal contact
Max step time 3 seconds or less
Console 19″ 1 RU, depth 30 mm
Main input 230 Vac 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 VA
Size 483 x 270 x 132 mm
Weight 4 Kg
Operating temperature range 0 – 45 °C
EMC according to EN55103-1 and EN55103-2


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